Concrete Sawing

If you require some concrete sawing, we can help. At Northern Concrete Cutting, our specialist operators are dab hands with concrete slabs, walls, and floors. We employ top quality equipment to ensure the precision and timely outcomes that your project requires. Our experienced and reliable team delivers fast results and value for money. Wire sawing can produce the solutions required in confined or difficult locations. We have a range of specialised saws for lots of expansion cutting requirements. Our service is second to none – don’t get sore, get sawed by Northern Concrete Cutting.

Sawing Concrete in Adelaide’s North

We are a local business servicing Adelaide's North right through Salisbury, Gawler, and the Barossa Valley. We do all commercial, industrial, and domestic projects, big or small. We are your fast solution for concrete sawing in the north. Why not get a quote over the phone? We are ready to go. All of our operators are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of concrete cutting, sawing, and drilling. Northern Concrete Cutting is ideally placed to facilitate the no fuss needs of our many and diverse clientele.

Hand Sawing & Road Sawing

Concrete sawing is not for sissies. It is hard and tough work for seriously competent operators. Our hand sawing, floor sawing, and road sawing services can cut through concrete. Our diamond bladed saws are not a girl’s best friend but a bloke’s best bet when cutting through thick concrete. If you want a job well done and done fast, we are your solution. Whether you are requiring road sawing, floor sawing, a new doorway, window opening, or for electrical or plumbing requirements, we can provide the sawing necessary. We have built our reputation on our results. Floor sawing and road sawing utilise self-propelling machines designed to cut any horizontal surface up to a depth of 600mm.

Ring Sawing & Chain Sawing

Our ring sawing can cut into all types of building materials to around depths of 265mm. This handheld saw is powered by hydraulics or electricity. Ideal for confined spaces. It offers a clean cut and is a low-noise machine. Similarly, chain sawing can provide a portable option to cut concrete and brick up to 600mm deep.

Wire Sawing

The wire saw can cut through concrete, granite, stone, and steel of any thickness. It is ideal for openings in walls, ceilings, or floors, as it will not create any breakage in the surrounding surface. A confined area specialist sawing solution.