Concrete Drilling

For all your concrete drilling requirements in Adelaide’s north, we have you covered. Northern Concrete Cutting is your core drilling specialist for all sorts of jobs, both big and small. We can drill you a hole from 10mm to 1000mm in concrete , masonry, floors, or walls. Our experienced and highly trained operators can drill into both horizontal and vertical surfaces. For all your electrical, piping, and runway lighting requirements we can help. Why not call us for a quote over the phone to give you some idea of the costs involved. We are the affordable and fast option.

Core Drilling in Adelaide’s North

At Northern Concrete Cutting, we provide core drilling in Adelaide’s North. All the way to Salisbury, Gawler, and the Barossa Valley, we are your local concrete drilling company. Our services are the fast solution for creating holes in concrete, where you need them and when you need them. Our competitively priced service is based on excellence and reliability. Precision drilling and cutting for commercial, industrial, and residential projects of all sizes. Our state of the art equipment will drill a perfect hole in a variety of materials. We work with builders, contractors, tradies, homeowners, and site managers daily to achieve great outcomes. Holing out is par for the course at Northern Concrete Cutting, we do it every day perfectly.

Why Core Drill?

Core drilling is all about creating a perfectly round hole in concrete surfaces for conduits, piping, and reinforcements. Drilling into existing concrete structures allows a variety of necessary cables, pipes, HVAC systems, and stuff to be inserted through walls, ceilings, and floors. This kind of drilling is vibration-free and avoids any damage to the existing structure. A diamond drill bit bores through materials without stressing the material for a cleaner and faster result.

Wet Core Drilling

Wet core drilling is the more common approach used for plumbing, electrical conduits, air con, refrigeration, and piping. It is faster, cleaner in terms of producing less dust. The diamond drill bit is lubricated with water or cooling liquid to prevent overheating. The liquid will suppress the dust and particulate created by the drilling process. Produces a slurry and this must be managed effectively.

Dry Core Drilling

Dry core drilling is slower than wet core drilling. Dust containment must be factored in, as it produces far more dust. Is utilised when contact with electrical wires is a possibility during the core drilling process.